Selfie help

Last night I was at an event with my sister. I grabbed my phone, tapped the camera and held it out to take a selfie of the two of us. She immediately recoiled and tried to hide exclaiming, “I hate selfies. Stop taking those when I am around.”
Of course I snapped the picture anyways. Neither of us looked our best but the event was documented. I then assured her I would help her with her selfie aversion. I held out the phone in front of us and made her try several different smiles. We found a 75% smile where here teeth were showing but her cheeks weren’t squishing her eyes that looked fantastic on her!
Then we worked on the head tilt. I like to tilt my head down slightly so you can’t see my nostrils. I instructed her to do the same. And then snap! I took the picture. It is a bit blurry but look how great she looks!

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