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Full Smile

  No one really looks forward to getting their head shot done. In fact I think it might be a day most folks dread. So I am always thrilled when I can put a person at ease. I crack a few lame jokes, ask about their kids, stuff like that. And then on some rare… Read more »

Exploring YQR

I am constantly looking for new and interesting places to shoot in Regina. Last fall I went to a Corb Lund concert at the Casino Regina. My husband and I drove up to the top of the parkade just east of the Casino and when i stepped out of of our vehicle I couldn’t help… Read more »

Selfie help

Last night I was at an event with my sister. I grabbed my phone, tapped the camera and held it out to take a selfie of the two of us. She immediately recoiled and tried to hide exclaiming, “I hate selfies. Stop taking those when I am around.” Of course I snapped the picture anyways…. Read more »

Be Nice

When I began my business I got some great advice from a photographer friend. She said, “being nice is half the business. Even if you aren’t that good, if you are nice then people will come back to you.” Back in those days, I really wasn’t that good but I was nice and that really… Read more »

I’m New Here

Hi there, In an effort to help more of you find my site I am starting a new blog! The though of blogging has always appealed to me because, as much as I enjoy taking pictures I enjoying writing about life even more. So please check back often for updates about life as a photographer… Read more »